AdBlue near you


For those with a smaller fleet of trucks, GreenChem has developed the smartest solutions to fill in your AdBlue®. T2500 has a tank capacity of 2,500 litres with lockable cabinet and telemetry system for better control of your AdBlue level.

For smaller fleet sizes, this tank is the optimum system to ensure you have the right quantity of product available.

We offer an “all inclusive” solution with a fully integrated telemetry system.

Small Fleet size Tank solution Integrated telemetry system by GreenChem AdBlue4You.

Technical characteristics

► Dimensions (mm): 1630 x 1520 x 2840 (HxWxL)
► Capacity: 2 500 litres
► 2” TODO type fill connection
► Screened vent
► Visual float gauge & sight gauge
► Gas strut assisted flip lid
► 240-volt submersible pump
► Digital flowmeter
► 4 meters of delivery hose and automatic shut off nozzle
► Stainless Steel ‘Y’ Filter
► Auto-operation Nozzle Holster
► Telemetry
► Color: White


► Extra length delivery hose
► Key switch
► Heating and cooling system
► Pulsed output flowmeter
► Liquid monitoring remote management facilities
► Fully bunded self-contained AdBlue® dispensing system
► Managed level and automatic delivery system
► Ideal capacity for small fleets of up to 50 vehicles.