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SMART 5000

For those with a fleet of trucks or buses, GreenChem has developed the smartest solution to store and dispense AdBlue®. The tank has a capacity of 5000 litres with a dispensing unit.

The only quality AdBlue® bulk storage and dispensing tank designed and built by an AdBlue manufacturer. No need to suffer the hassle of IBC’s or checking the level of AdBlue® in your tank.

In addition, we can offer an “all inclusive” solution with a fully integrated telemetry system for automatic deliveries.

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Smart5000 AdBlue4you Greenchem Bulk storage

Technical characteristics

►Power system: 1 x 230Vac +/- 10%, 50Hz 10A
►Dimensions (mm): 2310 x 1120 x 3540 (HxWxL)
►Pre wired armoured cable 3.7 meter
►Shipping Weight: 590kg
►Flow rate: 45l/min
► Inner tank: 5000 liters
►Hose: 3.8 meters
►Nozzle: Automatic
►Bund wall material: HDPP
►Submersible pump
►Digital pulsed outlet flow meter