AdBlue near you


GreenChem offers special AdBlue® IBC with the possibility to integrate a manual or electrical pump.

To make sure you get the best experience from our IBCs systems, they can be equipped by gravity feed kit, bottom valve, CDS system and breathing system on the top.

Combined by a manual or electrical pump, you get a great solution for 1000l of Adblue®4you!

One of the main advantages of our IBCs is that you can place it where you really need it.

GreenChem AdBlue4You 1000Liters IBC with Manual or electrical pump.

Technical characteristics

► Dimensions (mm): 1151 x 1200 x 1000 (HxWxD)
► Material of the IBC: High Density Polyethylene
► Weight (empty): 56.5 kg
► Weight (full): 1145.5 kg
► Capacity: 1000 litres
► Seal: induction heat sealing liner
► Fill out plug: CDS plug
► Fill in plug: NW150 plug
► Number of pallets in FTL: 21 to 24 depending on country of origin
► Palet : Standard metal or plastic pallet