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200 litres DRUMS

GreenChem AdBlue® drums are excellent if you want to have maximum flexibility for refilling AdBlue® at your premises or if you have a small yearly usage.

An AdBlue® drum can be fitted on a trolley which makes it easily movable within your workshop or yard, without having to move the machines that need to be filled.

200 liter drum of GreenChem AdBlue

Technical characteristics

► Pallet dimensions (mm): 948 x 1150 x 1150 (HxWxD)
► Material of the drum: High Density Polyethylene
► Diameter of the drum (mm): 585
► Height over grip (mm): 935
► Weight: 226.5 kg (200L = 218kg; empty drum = 8.5 kg)
► Closure: 2″ Tri-sure
► Seal: Neutral 2’’ tab-seals
► Color of the drum: Blue
► Number of pallets in FTL: 22
► Weight: 931kg (4 x 226.5 kg; pallet = approx. 25 kg)