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NOx Abatement in EU and How Much GreenChem Contributes

A brief overview Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are a group of highly reactive gaseous compounds containing nitrogen and oxygen in different proportions, namely NO, NO2, and N2O. NOx is a byproduct of the combustion processes such as those used in power generation and road transport. It can cause serious health problems and is a major contributor … Continued

GreenChem UK renews its partnership with Suttons Tankers.

It’s official: GreenChem UK has extended our successful partnership with Suttons Tankers for another 5 years. This collaboration is a major milestone for GreenChem in our ongoing effort to foster best-in-class services. With this new renewal agreement, we solidify another 5 years of commitment to deliver our AdBlue product to locations across the UK. With … Continued

GreenChem Benelux enters into a partnership with LTO

Today is a big day for GreenChem Benelux and LTO as we are proud to announce a new partnership which will bring together the two business ecosystems! This partnership will allow us to provide sustainable and high-quality AdBlue solutions at competitive prices to LTO Members. Once again, our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction fits … Continued

GreenChem Strikes Deal to Expand AdBlue Reach in Slovenia image

GreenChem Strikes Deal to Expand AdBlue Reach in Slovenia

GreenChem Holding B.V., a leading producer of AdBlue, announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Promos d.o.o., a respected and widely utilized provider of AdBlue solutions in Slovenia. This exciting new deal will expand GreenChem’s reach to Central Europe and Western Balkan countries, enabling them to better serve these regions.  “We are pleased … Continued

GreenChem is the runner-up at the Packaging Awards 2023!

At the Packaging Awards 2023 organized by VerpakkingsManagement, more than 100 brands were invited and nominated for different categories to receive recognition for their excellence, creativity, and most importantly sustainability in packaging. We are proud to announce that GreenChem AdBlue4you (with Oerlemans Plastics B.V.) is the runner-up in the non-food sustainability category with our circu-sleeve! The juries … Continued

GreenChem launched new SCR cleaner – Effinox

For many vehicles with light-duty applications, it is not uncommon to have SCR issues. This is mainly caused by the vehicles continuing to fully dose AdBlue when the exhaust temperatures are not at their optimum, resulting in poor hydrolyzation of AdBlue conversion to ammonia and a build-up of deposits on the SCR catalyst. In sectors … Continued

How to differentiate between Euro 6 and Euro 7

What are they? ‘Euro 6’ is the name of a single stage in a long-term, multi-step plan to reduce emissions across the EU. This plan started in 1992 with Euro 1, and chronologically, and began to make small changes and updates. This is where we are now. Differently worded, Euro 6 and Euro 7 are … Continued

Motor & Sostenibilidad

Foro de debate ‘Motor&Sostenibilidad’, un análisis del sector en Motortec Automechanika 2019 Conseguir una movilidad más sostenible es un reto global. En la última década, la industria automovilística ha evolucionado con el fin de conseguir reducir su impacto en el medioambiente. El sector del motor vive en plena transición energética y cada vez ofrece más … Continued