AdBlue near you

Promos Inženiring d.o.o.
Poljska pot 4
1000 Ljubljana
+386 41 666 902
+386 59 141 542

The sole purpose of the company is to supply high quality AdBlue (produced in accordance with ISO standard 22241, as required by OEMs) to end customers and local resellers. Acting as an official GreenChem distributor since 2007, Promos is the leading AdBlue supplier in the markets of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Apart from AdBlue itself, the company is also offering innovative storage and handling solutions, including AdBlue equipment from the leading European supplier.

Packages offered:

  • 5L BrainyPack
  • 10L plastic can with spout
  • 205L plastic drum
  • 1000L IBC
  • delivery with tankers (multi-drop)

In the field of operational excellence, Promos has been certified with an “Excellent SME Slovenia” certificate since 2012 (issued by Coface Slovenia) and with an “AA Excellence” Credit rating since 2014 (issued by Bisnode Slovenia).