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How to self verify the AdBlue quality?

Visual Test – 

First, you can examine your AdBlue by visually checking for clarity, ensuring there are no contaminants or debris floating in the fluid. This will only check for color and debris in the product that could potentially clog filters on the SCR system. If the AdBlue is any color but clear, you may have a problem with mineral contamination. This method will not provide the concentration of urea to water or any mineral contaminates.

Handheld Digital Refractometer Test –

Second, you can use a digital handheld refractometer to measure the actual urea concentration of AdBlue. The urea content of good quality AdBlue should be within 31,8-33,2%. Before testing, the refractometer should be calibrated with the help of a few drops of the demin water. To get a meaningful result, it is sufficient to trickle a few drops of the AdBlue into the stainless steel tray of the device. In the sample tray, there is a prism enclosed, and thus, by means of the light refraction, the urea content is measured. The integrated light source in the digital instrument prevents measurement errors which can be quickly caused by the artificial light in the analog AdBlue refractometer. The temperature influence during the application is internally compensated by the meter. For this test, we recommend using GreenChem supplied refractometer or any other certified refractometer.