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How to clean the IBC & drums for reusage?

1. General

Following the standard handling procedure is a prerequisite for securing the overall quality of AdBlue. This procedure is prepared to secure the cleanliness of the returned IBCs and the recycling loop in order to re-use the IBC and maintain the quality of AdBlue according to ISO 22241-1 specifications.

2. Cleaning procedure

a) Check IBC (container & cage) for damages. In case of any serious damage, keep aside the IBC & inform GreenChem.
b) Empty the IBC of remaining liquid (refer picture 1).
c) Clean the IBC from outside (refer picture 2).
d) Remove all old stickers/labels (refer picture 3).
e) Clean the IBC from inside; last intensive rinse must be with pure water (i.e. demin or RO water).
f) Dry the IBC from inside (refer picture 4).
g) Test IBC for leakages, both bottom valve (see picture 5) and the container (refer picture 6).
h) Place new foil and seal on the tap at the bottom of IBC (refer pictures 7 & 8).
i) Place new IBC labels/ GreenChem sticker on the metal plate (refer pictures 9 & 10).
j) Place new blue seal on the cage and white seal on the filling cap on the top of IBC. Blue seals wont be required after their stock expires (refer pictures 11 & 12).

3. Approval process for cleaning companies

Each cleaning company that will start IBC cleaning for GreenChem, must be checked on effectiveness of cleaning as follows:
a) Place 5 cleaned and labelled IBC’s aside for transport by GreenChem to a nearby roller.
b) Toller fills the IBC’s with AdBlue.
c) Toller takes a one litre sample from each IBC.
d) Toller makes a mix sample (min. 1 litre) of the 5 samples.
e) Mix sample is analysed by authorised laboratory according to ISO 22241 – 1 specifications.
f) If all parameters are within the specification ISO 22241-1, cleaning company will get approval by GreenChem for IBC cleaning.