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How much AdBlue do I need?

Your AdBlue® consumption depends on your type of operation. A full tank of AdBlue® will last several tanks of diesel.

Estimated usage for trucks:

The average use of AdBlue® vs diesel for tucks is 4 to 8%.

  • Local distribution:
    – Approximately 500L in one year
  • National distribution:
    – Approximately 1,000L in one year
  • International distribution:
    – Approximately 2,500L in one year

Estimated usage for Passenger cars: 

  • Mid-class diesel (For example Opel Insignia or Peugeot 508): 1 litre AdBlue® for 1,000 km
  • SUV/MPV class diesel (for example Opel Zafira or VW Touran): 1.5 litre AdBlue® for 1,000 km

Check out estimated usage and our suggestion for your car by clicking here


Estimated usage for off-road vehicles:

Because of the wide variety of off-road vehicles, it is difficult to pinpoint their exact usage. A large heavy duty tractor can use 2,500L of AdBlue® a year.

A ratio of 5 to 10% of the diesel usage is used to calculate the required AdBlue®.

Excavator using AdBlue from GreenChem AdBlue4You