AdBlue near you

How does GreenChem transport & distribute AdBlue?

Greenchem supplies its customers all around Europe + Brazil in two ways.

1. Bulk deliveries – GreenChem uses fully dedicated fleet of Adblue road tankers and railway cars for bulk product deliveries. By dedicating the trailers and railway cars, GreenChem customers can be 100% sure that there is absolutely no risk of contamination during the transportation. In case of regular maintenance or repairs after traffic accident  is our dedicated fleet cleaned only in fully certified cleaning facilities to be absolutely sure that the cargo part of road/railway vehicle is not contaminated by any residue of service works. Our dedicated trucks are equipped with powerful pumps and hoses of proper dimensions to be able to reach any kind of tank system located at Customers premises. Part of the road tanker equipment is also calibrated flowmeter and ticket printer which allows to inform customer precisely about the exact volume of delivered product. In terms of transportation we strictly follow all ISO 22241 regulations.

2. Packed deliveries – GreenChem offers to its customers various types of packed goods, from the smallest 4L jerry cans up to biggest 1000L IBCs. All GreenChem packaging is recyclable. To be able to guarantee 100% quality of our product we use for filling only packaging directly from production, this way we avoid contamination from prefilled products. The only returnable packaging in GreenChem is IBC (please check this point with your local GreenChem seller), IBCs once returned are checked carefully, in case of any suspicion for contamination/damage the IBCs are cleaned/repaired.  All openings on the IBC packaging are equipped with seals, and jerry cans/drums equipped with cap seals. In case any of these seals is broken GreenChem consider the packaging as contaminated and don´t send it to its customers. This kind of packaging is cleaned or disposed.