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Do I know the quality of AdBlue by smell?

Clean and fresh urea solution is a clear, odorless liquid. However, it often happens that AdBlue starts the process of urea decomposition after some time of storage, during which ammonia is released. Even a very small amount of ammonia will cause a clearly recognizable odor. Although the decomposition of urea essentially means that the active substance in AdBlue decreases but this decrease is in most cases so small that it is not necessary to pay attention to it.

Only a more massive decomposition of urea, for example by improper storage in direct sunlight, can cause a noticeable decrease in the active substance before the end of the expiration period, ie before one year has elapsed from production.

ISO 22241 specifies in the product specification the interval over which the active substance may move, namely 31.8-33.2% of urea. This interval must be observed not only when delivering fresh AdBlue, but also during the entire shelf life, ie 1 year from production. Thus, if the active substance drops during storage from, for example, 32.3% to 31.9%, AdBlue ® is still in the specification. It follows from the above that a slight ammonia odor is usually not a defect, but it is definitely not necessary. The fresher the product you get, the less likely it is to feel right from the start.