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Industrial Nox reduction

GreenChem is one of the largest European suppliers of reduction agent for abatement of nitric oxides ( NOx) from flue gases. It was founded in Breda (The Netherlands) in 2003 and began as a pioneer in NOx reduction in automotive sector with the product AdBlue®.

GreenChem became a part of AGROFERT group in 2009, a large diversified conglomerate seated in the Czech Republic and active internationally. AGROFERT Group is the major producer of nitrogen based chemicals including urea and ammonia for NOx reduction with significant production capacities in Germany (SKW Piesteritz) and Slovakia (Duslo Šaľa).

GreenChem is thus fully integrated with a high quality raw material base for NOx reduction GreenChem operates in Europe and outside Europe through a wide network of own subsidiaries and co-operating partners.

GreenChem delivers complete solution in NOx reduction:

Trucks & Buses, Passenger cars & Vans, Non-road mobile machinery = AdBlue® and urea grade for AdBlue® production.

Ships and marine technology = Marine NOx reduction agent AUS40 (40% urea water solution).

Stationary installations = Urea, ammonia, urea and ammonia water solutions.

The stationary sector

The stationary sector, i.e. power plants, incineration facilities, waste-to-energy plants, cement plants and other industrial applications need to use NOx reduction agents for proper operation of the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) or the SNCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) technology.

Efficient operation of the SCR or the SNCR technology at large combustion plants often requires high quantities of reduction agents. If urea water solution is used, there is an option to build own blending facilities on site and purchase proper urea directly from GreenChem. Another route to follow is to obtain ready-to-use products such as an appropriate urea water solution or ammonia water.

Solid urea can be used to blend your own urea water solution in a blending facility. Depending on customer requirements, GreenChem supplies this urea in the form of automotive grade urea prills packed in bags, or technical grade urea granules with the surface treatment that can be packed in bags or silo-containers. You can therefore make your own urea solution blend to suit your needs.

Urea water solution AUS40

This is a special urea solution that contains 40% automotive urea or technical urea. AUS40 made from automotive grade urea can be used in heavy duty SCR engines and is especially suitable for NOx reduction in industrial combustion plants with SCR NOx emissions control technology. GreenChem can deliver urea water solutions in various packaging including road and rail tankers.

Ammonia water 25%

Apart from urea water solutions, ammonia can be used as the reduction agent for NOx emissions control technology, such as SCR or SNCR. For practical reasons, such as restrictions on transport, handling, storage and registration, ammonia in the form of an anhydrous product is not commonly used in standard NOx reduction installations. Instead, 25% water solution of ammonia (ammonia water) is used as the reduction agent. GreenChem can deliver ammonia water in rail and road tankers.

Our clients

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