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Dedicated AdBlue® Equipment

GreenChem delivers AdBlue® or AUS40 equipment for all diesel trains sizes. Our product portfolio contains large Bulk AdBlue® dispensing systems and also the possibility to deliver directly UREA to an in-built installation in the train.
Our AdBlue® equipment customers can also rely on deliveries of AdBlue® and accessories required to dispense AdBlue® in a correct way. (Same as before)

If you want to manage more efficiently your AdBlue®, GreenChem offers you the long term AdBlue® delivery service.  You agree AdBlue® deliveries for a fixed time or volume and GreenChem will equip the AdBlue® Bulk System with the GreenChem telemetry tank level monitoring system.

This system allows us to monitor the tank level of the AdBlue® dispensing system, and we ensure the tank does not run dry. This service allows you to be focused on the things that are really important; your core business.

GreenChem Telemetry Concept

Most of GreenChem’s customers rely on GreenChem to fill up their AdBlue® dispensing system automatically. GreenChem installs a telemetry unit in the AdBlue® system which measures the AdBlue® level each night and transfers this data to GreenChem’s central logistical software. This is why it is important to always leave the system connected to an active power source. GreenChem’s logistical software helps our planners to arrange, refilling of our customer systems on time.

The bulk trucks are planned with the most efficient routing, trying to optimize distance where possible, in order to minimize the carbon footprint on the environment. In 2016 GreenChem had more than 5000 contracted system throughout Europe, and this number is growing by the day. For GreenChem’s customer this process is fully automated, they do not need to worry about the AdBlue® level, the AdBlue® stock is sufficient.

GreenChem customers can focus on what they do best, their core business.

Our clients

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