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AdBlue® for Passenger cars

For the past couple of years, some larger diesel-powered vehicles such as SUVs have already been using AdBlue® for their SCR exhaust gas after-treatment system.

From 2016, most new diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles such as delivery vans need AdBlue® to be able to comply with the latest emissions legislation.

End of 2017, a new regulation came into effect because of road real emission test (RDE). From September 2017, all diesel vehicles will be equipped with SCR technology!

Why do you need AdBlue®? why do we need it in our diesel cars? We tend to reply to these questions in our section “What is adblue®?

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Get the Best from AdBlue4you by GreenChem

At GreenChem, we think that car drivers must get the smartest and simplest solution to refill their AdBlue® Tank.

We are a leading company in producing and delivering AdBlue® and AdBlue® solutions in the world. We have developed for the last 10 years a wide range of solutions for diesel vehicles: From 4L canisters up to 20L canisters, and now even dispensing systems, we definitely have a solution for you.

If you are looking for a canister, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will redirect you to the closest supplier.

You can also simply download our app (available on the google play store) and drive to your closest station! In some countries, you will also be happy to discover our partnership with Gaz stations and find AdBlue® directly in bulk! Please feel free to give us your feedback in the “support” section!

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