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AdBlue® supply for Farming Vehicles

This section of the website is dedicated to the supply of AdBlue® to all farming vehicles, such as users and owners of tractors, farm trucks, backhoe, front-end loaders, mowers, combine or harvesters and all other Diesel powered machinery.


Whether you are using only a little AdBlue® or huge amounts each year, we can provide you with an AdBlue® solution that matches your needs.


GreenChem delivers AdBlue® in bulk, in IBCs, drums, and different-sized canisters. Below you can read more about the individual AdBlue® supply methods.

GreenChem Telemetry Concept

Most of GreenChem’s customers rely on GreenChem to fill up their bulk AdBlue® dispensing systems automatically. GreenChem installs a telemetry unit in the AdBlue® system which measures the AdBlue® level each night and transfers this data to GreenChem’s central logistical software. This is why it is important to always leave the system connected to an active power source. GreenChem’s logistic software helps our team to efficiently plan the refilling of our customers’ systems on time.

The bulk delivery trucks are planned using the most efficient rout and optimizing distances where possible, in order to minimize the carbon footprint on the environment. In 2016, GreenChem had more than 5000 contracted systems throughout Europe and this number is growing by the day. For GreenChem’s customers, this process is fully automated: they do not need to worry about the AdBlue® level, the AdBlue® stock is always sufficient.

GreenChem customers can focus on what they do best, their core business and their clients.

Our clients

Some great companies in this sector are already trusting GreenChem for its products.