4l starter kit

This starter kit was designed by GreenChem for the passenger car driver.

The starter kit will be the first piece of equipment a car driver will use to fill their AdBlue tank.

To ensure you get the best experience from it, we have developed an ISO certified spout to avoid any leaking issues

4 litre canister of GreenChem AdBlue

Technical characteristics

► Box dimensions (mm): 315 x 200 x 136 (HxWxD)
► Material of the canister: High Density Polyethylene
► Weight: 4.7kg
► Capacity: 4 litres
► Non drip spout Material: High Density Polyethylene
► Spout flow rate: 3.4L/min
► Packaging: Pallet with plastic wrapping incl straps & corner protectors
► Pallet dimensions (mm): 1396 x 1200 x 1000(HxWxD)
► Starter kit per pallet: 168
► Number of pallets in FTL: 26
► Weight: 815kg (4.7 x 168 = 789.6 kg; pallet = approx. 25 kg)