Delphin Pro Trolley

This trolley was designed for the passenger car’s workshops in order to easily fill the AdBlue tank of the vehicles either on regular servicing or complete fills to estinguish the low level light.

It’s inovative structure prevents vapour from leaking out and protect the AdBlue from any external elements.

GreenChem AdBlue4you Trolley

Technical characteristics

► Dimensions (mm): 770 x 1080 x 800
► ISO universal connector compatible with all tanks for cars
► Weight: 37kg
► Capacity: various drum size accepted thanks to adaptable weels
► Fully automatic refilling: just push a bottom
► Adjustable flow rate: From 3 to 11 litr./min
► Self cleaning sensor
► Voltage: 230V charging / 12V ; 400 Watt; 1.95 Amp Max
► Hose lenght: 2 meters